Before you contact us, potential adopters should understand the types of dogs that enter our program and the reasons they are relinquished.

  • WRN receives very few dogs under 3 years of age

Most are 5-8 yrs. and a substantial number are senior dogs over 9 yrs. All surrendered dogs receive full veterinary exams and senior Westies receive geriatric exams to ensure their good health before being made available for adoption. When younger dogs (<3 yrs.) come into our program, it is our policy to place those animals with people who have offered their homes and hearts to adult Westies in the past. If you require a very young dog, we are not a good resource for you.

  • Most Westies in our program are owner relinquishments

Although this can be an advantage to us in learning a good deal about the dog, it is also true that people don't surrender their animals because everything is going well. They give up their dogs for many reasons. The most common are:

  • 48% - Behavior or health issues
  • 26% - Health of owner
  • 13% - Financial hardship
  • 13% - Other, including lack of time

The remainder of the Westies in our program were transferred to us from local animal shelters. We maintain important and close ties to our area's shelters to ensure that Westies that might not otherwise be adopted can still have the opportunity to find their forever homes.

Our foster parents work with our rescued dogs to deal with both health and behavior issues before making them available for adoption. However, all rescues, while wonderful and loving additions to our families and lives, have a period of adjustment and will require patience and continuity of training and care. Our adopting and foster families know that it is all worth the effort for the joy a rescued Westie will add to your life.


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